Oct 04

Government Shutdown affects Volunteer Efforts

UGH-1   The recent government shutdown not only affects those who work for the Federal Government, but even those who wish to volunteer their time!

What cruel irony that "shovel ready" volunteer driven efforts on Forest lands, such as the VWA's Trail Crew, Volunteer Wilderness Ranger program and Youth in Wilderness Stewardship activities, are all unable to operate during the shutdown.  Because we rely on US Forest Service communications support and liability coverage, all of these activities are at a standstill until congress reaches a budget resolution.

The forest itself is still open for back country recreation, and roads that were open before the shutdown remain open. Fire and law enforcement personnel are still on duty.

The following Monterey Ranger District facilities are closed:

- the district office in King City

- Big Sur Station

- developed campgrounds, including those operated by concessionaires.

Hopefully these squabbles in Washington will be resolved soon...  

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